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Boat Trailer Engineering and Design.

Key Benefits

bulletWe utilize the latest, state of the art, Software for our designs.
bulletWe can Design A Boat Trailer with very little information.
bulletA Line Drawing with Length, Beam, Draft and Weight is all we need.
bulletMany times we can design a product from a Photograph.
bulletGive your local Boat Dealer a call, we would be glad to quote your needs.


Over the years, Trail-Rite Inc. has been known in the Boating Industry

for our Custom Engineering and Design  . When the job gets tough, they

always come to us.

Capability 1
We have the experience that can't be matched.
Capability 2
We have many Generic Drawings from 14' to 40 feet.
Capability 3
For over 33 Years Trail-Rite has been Designing Boat Trailers.


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