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Trail-Rite is not just another boat trailer manufacturing company. We believe that a company should provide the Consumer with a total package, including services such as answering trailer related questions for that First Time Boater. 

Answering questions like, Last weekend I jackknifed my trailer and bent my frame, where can I get it fixed ? I just picked up my new boat and trailer, what kind of spare tire and wheel do I need?

We have experienced technical advisors and service personnel that can answer all types of these questions, all it takes is a phone call.  We want to provide as much information as is needed. A well informed boater is a happy boater.

Boat Trailer Engineering and Design

Please Check Out our Design Page above.


Technical Information

Under Construction at this time. This page will eventually have Repair Tips.


Trailer Repair

Under Construction at this time. Coming Soon.


Questions and Answers

Under Construction at this time. 

Every thing you always wanted to know about your Boat Trailer..


Employment Opportunities

Sorry, There is no employment opportunities at this time.




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