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Std. 2999 Single
Std. 5000 Tan.
Std. 6000 Tan.
Std. 7000 Tan.
Std. 9999 Tan.
Std. 9998 Tri.
Std. 15000 Tri.



Trail-Rite manufacturers many different models of boat trailers. Our Standard Series line of heavy duty painted boat trailers are constructed for the boater who wants a product that will last for many years of rugged use, but does not want the added expense of chrome or galvanizing.





Std. 2999 Single Std. 5,000Lb Tan. Std. 6,000Lb Tan. Std. 7,000Lb Tan.
Std. 9,999Lb Tan Std. 9,998Lb Tri. Std. 1,5000Lb Tri.






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